Musical Theatre Application

Please complete your application in one sitting, as it might not go through otherwise.
If you're unsure if your application went through, contact Pascal Garoute at

Name *
Must include age, height, hair color.
Please give a link to a headshot that can be accessed via link in a browser (such as a Google Drive link, Dropbox link, et cetera) and not a local directory location ending in .jpg.
Fall 2018 Grade *
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If you need help determining what your range is, you can go here:
Do you read music? *
Have you taken music theory in high school or other venues (music camps, etc.)? *
Do you have experience in technical theater (e.g. stage craft, light design, etc.)? *
Would you be willing to play pants role? *
Such as females playing a male role on stage
*As this is a youth performance there will be no nudity, smoking, drinking, or any other behavior of this fashion in the productions.
T-Shirt Size *
I understand that room, board, and tuition will be $450 for the week: a $25 application fee that will go towards the total cost of tuition if accepted, a $200 deposit that is due June 15th to reserve my place at camp, and that the remainder of $225 is due at the time of registration. I will be in compliance with the rules and regulation of the student handbook and understand that if I do not comply, I will be sent home from camp, forfeiting my fees. * *

Please pay the $25 application fee and be sure to fill in the "Name of student applying" box before you click "Pay Now". The application fee must be paid to be considered. If student is accepted, the $25 application fee will go towards the total cost of tuition.

Name of Student(s) Applying

Accepted students will receive a follow-up letter, medical form,
photo/video release form, and student handbook by June 1st, 2018.

If you have any questions about the application, please contact
Valerie Canon at
Dr. Jan Hanson at

If you're not sure if your application/payment went through,
please contact Pascal Garoute at

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